FAQ: Photo Radar (ATE)

FAQ: Photo Radar (ATE)

My stance on this is two-fold. The evidence is there to support that the Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE) program in Spruce Grove has significantly reduced accidents, injury, and vehicle-related fatalities in our city. On the other hand, the City still has a couple of spots where they are using photo radar more as a revenue generator and I have advocated for the removal of those locations.

I have also advocated for better fiduciary accountability of the funds collected - whereby the City is only to use the money collected for safety-related initiatives.

Lastly, I believe in order to improve safety we need the ATE to be overt versus covert.  Overt will increase safety instantly as it will lower the speed immediately.  Covert will improve safety overtime because receiving a ticket in the mail days later will encourage behavioural change over time.  I have advocated to increase the % of overt locations to increase the safety immediately.

Take care, stay safe, be kind