Inclusive and Equitable: Supporting Cultural Diversity

Inclusive and Equitable: Supporting Cultural Diversity

I believe diversity is about being welcoming and inclusive to all.  We can have diversity of cultural background, race, ethnicity, educational backgrounds, gender roles, age, religion, political views and so much more.

Some back ground on me, I am lucky to say I have lead a pretty privileged life however I have experienced diversity while in university and in the workplace being a female engineer.  I do understand this is not even close to the extent that many others experience daily but it has allowed for me to have more compassion and understanding.

Growing up in the sisterhood of Girl Guides of Canada as also taught me about these issues and challenged me to take action and always try my best to be a better person.

The City of Spruce Grove does have policies in place to work towards providing safe space for people within our community and work environment.  I as Mayor would proudly continue to support and work on updating these policies to ensure they are doing what they are intended to do.  Here is a link to the City’s webpage on this

On this page is a link but I am also including it in your email as this is a partnership with Alberta Urban Municipalities Association and the Alberta Government to support municipalities who are implementing policies to overcome issues of racism and discrimination.

Finally for me, I am sad to say I do feel like Spruce Grove Council does not honour Truth and reconciliation to our full capacity.  I would like to see a statement introduced in our meetings.  I however do not want this to be something that we just read.  I would love to bring to our community a challenge to create a meaningful statement that Council should memorize and really believe in.

If you have any further questions, let's go for coffee or have a phone conversation.  Remember I am and engineer by trade, I don’t like writing I like talking face to face. :)