Platform Discussion: Community Connectedness

Platform Discussion: Community Connectedness

Community connectedness is about having a sense of belonging. It’s also closely linked to overall well-being. But what does that really mean on a public policy level?

Well, it means supporting and preserving ‘communities within our community,’ particularly as our city continues to grow. It’s about supporting and even facilitating opportunities for developing and strengthening the community networks that already exist.

Research has shown that people with extensive and strong support networks tend to have:

• neighbourhoods as places for people to gather, interact and support each other.
• better physical health through lower rates of unhealthy behaviours (such as smoking, drinking, and an inactive lifestyle) ,
• a lower prevalence of mental illnesses and
• more job opportunities

Supporting community connectedness means:

• community clubs, associations
• continuing to support programs like block parties
• ensuring accessibility and inclusivity, particularly for seniors, lower income citizens, youth, and those living with disabilities

My commitment is to continue advocating for spaces and places where people can gather, interact and support each other.

As we continue to grow as rapidly as we are, a council with a view and commitment to this type of policy, will play an important role in our overall wellbeing and have many spillover benefits in preventing crime, illness, and homelessness.

I would love to hear from you on what you think we should do to continue supporting community connectedness. Email me here.