Policy Discussion - Economic Empowerment

Policy Discussion - Economic Empowerment

I’ve heard from lots of people outside our City that Spruce Grove is, ‘just a big-box shopping district.” I believe they haven’t had the opportunity to explore our great city beyond Highway 16.

To me, Spruce Grove is a place rich with innovators, makers, artists, and folks who work hard to keep our little City moving.

As a second-generation entrepreneur myself, I know how important it is to have a municipality that supports economic stability from the ease of permitting to promoting tourism and shop local programs. I also deeply value my ability to work close to home and believe the more jobs we can create close to their families, the better.

An Economy for Everyone

Economic development is important, so is community. Our economic development efforts must recognize that our growth and success as a community are dependent on empowering everyone to take part.

I believe everyone has a role in our community. We must continue to support entrepreneurs that create well-paying jobs, artists that help us celebrate our culture, and athletes that provide us with exciting pastimes. Having said that, we also need to support volunteers and caregivers, who work tirelessly to ensure everyone is taken care of.

A healthy economy isn’t just what we can give and take from it. It’s also about quality. Diversification, a strategic vision, and an inclusive mentality are what we need to ensure we’re not only running a strong engine but the drive is smooth and enjoyable, as well.

Resiliency is in our DNA, but I believe with careful planning, we can increase our economic independence and reduce the effects of external ups and downs. We can create a system that supports everyone’s needs and desires while balancing it with a recognition that the economic realities of our times mean we must make strategic long-term investments for our future.

Overall, I want to create a culture of supporting a future-focused, community-driven thriving business sector. I would love to hear from you about what you think we need to make our economy empowering for you. Let’s chat!