Tackling 'Big City Issues': New Community Centre

Tackling 'Big City Issues': New Community Centre

I am in support of the need/demand for this in our community.  However, at this time I can not say I will vote yes to build until we have more information on the details.

I am proud of the work the current council has done in the last four years: completing proper citizen engagement and challenging administration to go back to the drawing board many times.  

This project started as a building with a high cost and only providing ice and an event portion. What is currently being designed is a building with the potential for a much lower cost while providing ice surfaces, an art gallery, a satellite library and a black box theatre to compliment Horizon Stage.

Moving forward to the fall, the new Council will need to address the following before a final decision to move forward can be made:

1. The design needs to be finalized, along with an estimate such that the new Council understands the true cost.  As stated above, this design includes more for the community and SHOULD come in at a lower cost.

2. Regional Partner buy-in.  We must work with Parkland County and Stony Plain to ensure that shared investment for shared benefit is happening.  (We have in our budget to also work on the aquatics need/demand with Stony Plain taking the lead). These partnerships will lower the cost to Spruce Grove.

3. We need to look at adding Recreation Facilities to our Offsite levies, ensuring that future build/growth pays for their portion of this facility.  This will lower the cost to the current residents substantially.

Once all this has been presented, a final decision to move forward will be made.

My short answer is, I am in support of building something as this is needed in our community; however, I will not vote yes to proceed until all the above issues are completed and the financial model works for Spruce Grove.

Feel free to reach out to me if you want to chat about this more.